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Topic Summary: Jaw Joint Science Institute (JJSI), discovers temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) fractures are associated with concussions from lower jaw impact forces and introduces a scientific breakthrough in concussion and traumatic brain injury prevention that can impact the future of aviation capability, military operations, and the general population. These developments will improve the healthcare, well-being, and quality of life for the populations identified.
With the use of maxillofacial MRI technology, Dr. Williams, a dentist, has revealed the bony structural integrity of the TMJ, its inseparable relationship to the base of the brain’s temporal lobe, an impact causation of concussions. The TMJ is an articulating ball and socket joint configuration. The ball being the condyle of the lower jaw articulating with the thin socket bone or glenoid fossa which supports the inferior surface of the brain’s temporal lobe. He has for the first time captured and diagnosed fracture patterns in the TMJ that directly relate to the concussion, brain swelling, and other head impact forces delivered against the base of the brain. Concussions have been considered as a soft-tissue injury, and the diagnosis has generally been defined by the temporal lobe manifestations. The newly discovered fractured bones in the TMJ area, caused by the head impact forces of concussions slamming the condyle of the lower jaw into the base of the skull, creates a brain port that directly impacts the temporal lobe of the brain. Diagnosing and healing these TMJ-fractures reduces the use of opioids, time, and cost of treatment, alleviating many of the cognitive symptoms of concussions1 and other unexplained temporal lobe problem. The thin bones of the TMJ are the most unprotected component of the skull supporting the base of the brain’s temporal lobe. The unprotected temporal lobe is most vulnerable to the head impacts of sports2 and military physical missions.  Many recruits enter the military intake process with undiagnosed temporal mandibular joint disorders (TMJD) which are exacerbated by the rigors of training and military operations.

Dr. Williams

Short Speaker Bio: As a 1972 Graduate of Temple University School of Dentistry, he has maintained a successful practice in the Philadelphia community since graduation. After a fire in a previous location in which he practiced more than thirty years, Dr. Williams is the proud owner and operator of the new Dental Care & Dental Implant Center of Chestnut Hill.  President and Chief Executive Officer, Williams Research Group, he also served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, WIPSS Products, Inc.  In 2016 I founded the Jaw Joint Science Institute.)

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