Cyberattacks in the technology sector have certainly impacted the public and private sector, including the DoD. Everyone relies on technology to operate, and IT is critical to our resilience and continuity. These attacks have highlighted the need for enhanced collaboration within the industry and deeper public and private partnerships to help improve IT security.
The risks in today’s environment aren’t insurmountable but require resilience and a rethinking of how to approach risk-based decisions. Part of what makes cybersecurity so challenging is that IT systems tend to have a lot of components from multiple sources. If one component has a vulnerability, the whole system is vulnerable. That’s why it’s so important to understand the IT supply chain.
We will also discuss in detail what tools, people, and processes can help the DoD avoid attacks or respond to, recover from, and continue to operate after being attacked. Discussion topics include protecting endpoints, leveraging segmentation, baselines, system and network mapping, zero trust, and managing risks.
Arthur Bradway, Solutions Architect, Government and Education.  Arthur has over 22 years of professional experience in the information technology industry providing sales engineering support for government and education clients, with over five years of experience supporting clients at SolarWinds.
During his career, Arthur has provided pre- and post-sales support for government and education clients for networking, performance monitoring, and software engineering products. He has a proven track record in all stages of the sales process, from business development and lead qualification, to Requests for Proposals (RFPs), and technical needs analysis.
Arthur has solid technical knowledge, with business experience in enterprise networking and application architecture. He has excellent problem-solving and leadership skills to deliver both technical and business solutions. He effectively manages and mentors cross-functional teams, and he has successfully managed and deployed complex IT projects within budget and on schedule.

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