Location: Rooms 106-107

Topic Summary: A true Multi-Domain Operational force must have a connected network enabling integrated and simultaneous operations in all domains, all environments, all geographic areas and across all warfighting functions.  5G’s massive connectivity allows for faster aggregation of network endpoints, sensors, devices, and data to power Internet of Things (IoT) and IoBT (Internet of Battlefield Things) connectivity. That capability combined with an AI/ML-enabled approach has the potential to reduce response times significantly and to adapt intelligently and dynamically to save lives and minimize devastation.
Speaker Short Bio:

Speaker Short Bio: Ms. Tracy van Brakle is a Principal Member of Technical Staff in AT&T’s Wireless Technologies /Network Automation & Analytics group and is currently focused on open-source projects and AI/ML enabled approaches. 

Speaker Short Bio: Mr. John Dillard is the Director of DoD 5G Strategy & Solutions for the AT&T Public Sector and is responsible for 5G, FirstNet, and IoT capabilities to implement advanced mobility use cases.

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