Cybersecurity has become the most serious economic and national security issue we face as a nation.   As our way of life becomes ever more reliant on cyberspace, adversaries continue to seek asymmetric advantages to exploit the networks and systems our country depends on. Because the cost of perpetrating a cyberattack continues to fall in relation to our ability to protect ourselves, we must accelerate ways to navigate the complex maze of emerging threats.   By leveraging partnerships with private-sector expertise and innovation, our nation can maximize our ability to deter and defeat the ever-evolving threats from our enemies.
John B. Wood is CEO and Chairman of the Board of Telos Corporation, a leading provider of continuous security solutions and services for the world’s most security-conscious agencies and organizations. In these roles, he orchestrates the company’s support of corporations and government agencies worldwide in cyber, cloud, and enterprise security. With the company since 1992, John is a leading voice on bringing together the private and public sectors to address cybersecurity issues.

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