Training Topic

The workforce must evolve by being equipped with the skills and tools to thrive in an increasingly complex and evolving Operational Environment. Organizations must prioritize building basic human-machine teaming skills by leveraging automation technologies to ensure their digital workforce is prepared for the demands on the Digital Age. Until now, automation was strictly a function of an organization’s IT department. However Low-Code/No-code platforms have given rise to the Citizen Developer. Now Functional Subject Matter Experts and process owners can build their own custom automations that can capture mundane and repetitive tasks so they can be “replayed” at anytime through their own personal digital assistant. This course is intended to train someone with little-to-no coding experience and teach them how to build their first automation that they can use in their workplace today. 

Speaker Short Bio  

Mr. Matt Roberts is the Program Manager for the Robotic Process Automation Center of Excellence at PEO BES 

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